who we are

Founded in 1996, Healthy Vege's factory, VegeFarm, has specialized in researching, developing and processing vegan/vegetarian products. With the goal to produce high quality, healthy and delicious products, many professional food researchers and experts were hired. Currently, the company has produced more than 300 varieties of product, exported to 18 countries in the world, and became the biggest global frozen vegetarian food manufacturer that supplies many product choices. We stand by our motto "solid quality, rich flavor, versatile, and tasty aroma" at all times. Not only do we guarantee quality in our products, but we also keep freshness in them with great texture and unbeatable taste. 
We believe in satisfying our consumers with healthy and delicious food, while providing them to healthier diet and new dietary choices.

With the growth of our diverse clientele, we now carry all major brands of vegan and vegetarian foods so we can fill the needs of vegans and vegetarians worldwide. Our offering is the largest selection of plant based proteins as well as the best price. This makes us the number 1 one-stop shopping destination for all vegetarian foods.  

who we serve

We deliver to restaurants, taverns, diners, coffee shops, temples, deli’s, schools' cafeterias, caterers, supermarket, prepared food departments, and healthcare facilities, all of whom require value assured products and services in a timely manner.  Now with our online store, we can serve anyone across the US! Contact us now for wholesale/food service pricing.

how we do it

Shhh... this is our secret formula.

Shhh... this is our secret formula.


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Official USA Importer of VegeFarm

4120 2nd Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA

Tel:  718 788 6618
Fax: 718 778 6619
Email: HealthyVegeUSA@gmail.com

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