Battle of the Vegetarian Fish Fillet

Gardein Fishless Fillet, Maywah Vegan Golden Fish Fillet, Sophie's Kitchen Breaded Vegan Fish Fillet, and Vegefarm Fish Fillet

Which one is better?

From left to right: Vegefarm, Sophie's Kitchen, Maywah, and Gardein (uncooked)

Today I bought 4 different brands of vegetarian fish fillet to see which one is the best. I will compare the price and taste of each one.  

So let's talk price first.

At retail price from most expensive to least expensive, Sophie's Kitchen costs $6.99/8.8oz, Maywah costs $4.50/8.8oz, Gardein costs $4.50/10.1oz, and Vegefarm costs $6.49/16oz.

If we convert that to price per pound, we have Sophie's Kitchen costing most expensive at $12.72/lb and Vegefarm costing least at $6.49/lb.

Cooking method: Baked on pan with olive oil and used their oven instruction

Ok, a brief description about their looks: Well, they all look so good! Sophie's Kitchen and Vegefarm are the thickest and are about the same size as a fish fillet patty. Maywah's is the thinest and the shape reminds me of a big potato chip. However, the breading and black pepper on the outside are very appealing. Gardein has a very nice glaze on its crust while looking very juicy and fresh. 

Finally, I get to eat!

As I recall from my non-vegetarian days, Gardein's tastes the closest to a fish filet. It also has a really good crust on the outside which actually makes it taste like it was fried but it wasn't! The texture is very soft which makes me think they use more tofu. 

I would be happier if Maywah's fillet is thicker because there is very little substance to the thin slice and the "meat" part tastes great. I feel like I ate more breading and black pepper than anything else. However, since it was thin, it was crispier and the black pepper also gave it a nice kick. 

I didn't know what I was tasting at first for Sophie's Kitchen's fish fillet. It was a really strong exotic taste in my mouth. I ended up looking back at the box and it was ginger! For someone who don't usually have ginger in my diet, I didn't mind it at all. One small downside was that the fillet felt crumbly as I was eating it.

Vegefarm's fish fillet tastes the heartiest out of the four. Similar to Gardein's, I can taste that there is more tofu and whey protein inside the fillet. The patty is more bland than others. However, if you plan to use tarter sauce or ketchup, this will not be a problem. 

In summary, they all tasted great and I would definitely eat them again. If I had to choose a winner for taste, it would be Gardein. For the price, Vegefarm have more bang for your buck. 

Until next time!