Vegan Shiitake Steak Burger

Vegan Shiitake Steak Burger

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Ingredients: Soy Protein NON-GMO (Contains Soy, Wheat), Shiitake Fungus, Wheat Protein (Contains Wheat), Canola Oil, Starch, Curdlan, Salt, Sugar, Black Pepper, Brew Soy Sauce (Contains Soy, Wheat, Sugar, Salt), Vegetarian Seasoning, Vegetarian Essence.

Small size has 3 patties

Large size has ~30 patties

  • Validity : Keep Frozen Below -18'C(-0.4 F) - Up to 18 months

  • Cooking Instruction : Grill, Pan Fry

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  • The Vegefarm product does not include the decorations of this picture.

  • Vegefarm keeps all products in frozen below -18°C during the whole transportation in order to maintain freshness

    • Please keep product in frozen (0°C~ -18°C) and eat as soon as possible after opening in order to ensure best product's quality.

  • Always defrost the product before cooking.

    • Defrost by microwave: Take product out package, and heat up for 2 minutes with temperature around 700W.

    • Natural defrost: Put product in room temperature (0°C~20°C) for 6~8 hours.

  • Vegefarm's products do not contain any preservative.

NF shiitake mushroom burger

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