Vege Black Pepper Crispy Pork Chop

Vege Black Pepper Crispy Pork Chop



Soy Protein NON-GMO (Contains Wheat), Whey Protein (Milk Product), Canola Oil, Starch, Salt, Sugar, Black Pepper, Bread crumb , Dried Mushroom Seasoning  、Coloring Agent (Allura Red)

Validity:Keep Frozen Below -18℃(-0.4 F) 、Up to 18 months

Cooking Instruction:Baked, Panfry,  Deep Frying, Microwave 

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  • The Vegefarm product does not include the decorations of this picture.
  • Vegefarm keeps all products in frozen below -18°C during the whole transportation in order to maintain freshness
    • Please keep product in frozen (0°C~ -18°C) and eat as soon as possible after opening in order to ensure best product's quality. 
  • Always defrost the product before cooking.  
    • Defrost by microwave: Take product out package, and heat up for 2 minutes with temperature around 700W.
    • Natural defrost: Put product in room temperature (0°C~20°C) for 6~8 hours.
  • Vegefarm's products do not contain any preservative.

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